Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Transcending Twitter Potential

Ryan Seslow is an amazing multi-disciplined artists and professor who I've had the pleasure of meeting via the magical social networking tool, Twitter. Ryan was one of the earliest people I began to follow and he instantly blew my mind with a plethora of amazing artistic content. I also became fascinated with his personal artistic works which include a wide variety of Warhol-esque techniques and cultural references on iconic touchstones. I could go on and on about Ryan's art but am more inclined to direct you to his insane Flickr page which gives you more than a glimpse into this prolific artist's body of work.

"Transcending Situational Potential" is a new short art film Ryan made that is extremely evocative and insightful about the birth of creative impulses. It's a surreal journey of complicated ideas but if you focus and pay attention, I guarantee you will be able to relate to your own creative urges. As Professor Universe and the fragmented personality soliloquize, I was mesmerized by the images that the words evoked. My favorite section of the film is entitled "Expression is in Motion" in which Ryan dissects footage of a crowd of people walking down a street as an omniscient voice muses on in poetic verse. As the images slowly unfurl and the movement grinds to a near halt, we begin to see subtle distortions in the footage. As if they were waves radiating from invisible shadows, Ryan's beautifully shows us the potential in all of us even in the simplest subtle of movements.

Thursday, October 8, 2009