Friday, August 1, 2008

Ourstage Deal

As part of my film "Ai" being in the FHTA showcase we get amazing partnerships with online outlets. The "Ai" banner above will lead you to a sign up page for this cool website Ourstage. It's a social network site where you can download independent music, music videos and films. If you sign up (it will give you 3 options, choose Music Fan) you will get 30 free downloads of DRM free mp3 and earn me a mighty four dollars when you confirm your account through your email. The deal is only good from August 1st to September 31st so please sign up soon.

If you successfully sign up, I will receive an email from Ourstage notifying me that you signed up. When I get this email, I will send you a private link to watch Ai for free with no watermarks on Ourstage. It's really simple to sign up to Ourstage, they're giving you free music and videos and it would be a huge support to me and my films. Thanks to all who sign up!

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