Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Raising the Not Quite Dead...on Twitter!

So yesterday I posted about Jason Pollock's premiere tweetup and today I'm writing about Anthony Lane, an ambitious filmmaker who I also met on Twitter. He caught my attention via his unique method for raising funds for his next feature film "Invasion of the Not Quite Dead". Using the social network, he is taking pre-orders for DVDs and blu-rays of the yet to be filmed film and using that as the primary budget for his project. Yet another ingenious concept for combining social interaction with progressive film cutlture. Not only is Anthony attracting an audience before the film is even made, but he is directly incorporating them into the film.

Anthony is offering a few different packages on his website, a standard pre-order and then multi-tiered producer package or even a speaking role in the film. Either one will result in the zombification of a photo you send to Anthony, part of the pre-order. I think Anthony's creative concept for finacning his film will succeed and I look forward to adding "Invasion of the Not Quite Dead" to my blu-ray collection.

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