Friday, July 31, 2009

Follow Friday Friends

#FollowFriday is a popular trend/activity that Twitter users do every Friday to recommend fellow tweeple (as I call them) that they enjoy following on Twitter. Its becoming increasingly difficult to understand and keep track of why they should follow someone simply because their name is on a list of other twitter users with the tag #followfriday. Instead it's becoming a popular alternative to blog a list of followfriday users and describe something simple to attribute who they are and why a new user should follow them.

Here's my work in progress list:

FILMMAKERS: @Jason_Pollock @TrakovskyFilm @theauteurs @quirk @josephnasto @GoGoSlava @Live_for_Films @FilmIntuition @IndywoodFILMS @EMofford @grking @michaelmontes @DoubleEdgeFilms @TheFilmStage @filmmaker @ScottKirsner @FlywayFilmFest @eumagine @CORKY242 @jessebdylan @FilmSnobbery @MireilleM @lanceweiler @tedhope @indiemoviemaker @xiaolitan @EitherOrFilms @FlashYourShorts

MUSICIANS: @blumarten @londonelek @TreBeatz @WaltRibeiro @calvinharris @aeiddias

PHOTOGRAPHERS: @thetimecode @FlickrAnalog @mattbologna

ARTISTS: @ryanseslow @MariKurisato @Kim @calanree @JahFurry @fjfonseca @beckyjewell @vagabond_blue @BellaVidaLetty @MissXu@Guy_Vincent @Winsorandnewt @jimsmeltzart

GAMERS: @ObiBen @BigSt3ph3n @crecenteb @giantbomb @CheapyD @Wombat5277

TECH AND SOCIAL MEDIA GURUS: @GuyKawasaki @zaibatsu @JasonCalacanis @TEDchris @jolieodell @cheth @brett @andysowards @leolaporte @chrispirillo @BuzzEdition @Scobleizer @steverubel @christinelu

CELEBS: @DAVID_LYNCH @JRichardKelly @Jon_Favreau @Alyssa_Milano @ThatKevinSmith

REAL LIFE HOMIES WHO TWEET LIKE CHAMPS: @TeemaZeeKay @georgyman @leighleighsf @KingJaffeJoffer

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