Sunday, July 12, 2009

INK Review

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of seeing a rare kind of independent film at Cinema Village in NYC. When I say rare, it's not because of the genre of the film (sci-fi fused with a bit of fantasy/dreamscape) but rather because of the tremendously high quality final product that is "Ink" a new feature film from up and coming director Jamin Winans. Some of you may already be familiar with the filmmaker from his sensational short film "Spin" which I didn't realize was Jamie's until after I stumbled upon his youtube channel, but in retrospect there is a direct homage to the short in "Ink" which makes for one of the more memorable scenes of the film.

So what makes "Ink" so uniquely cool and different? First off, the level of FX in this film are outstanding, in addition to fantastic cinematography, art direction, editing, choreography and sound design. Every element of the film's production, especially the post production values, are top notch. In addition to that, the movie is chock full of cinematic homage that I was spotting left and right, making it truly a film buff's film to enjoy. Everything from "The City of Lost Children" to "The Matrix" to "Sin City" to an obscure Chris Cunningham videos (maybe that's just me seeing things), but I got a certain sense of glee from seeing the influences of some of my favorite directors such as Aronosfky, Fincher, Lynch, Jeunet and Rodriguez present and alive in the film.

For an independent product, "Ink" looks and feels just like a high budget sci-fi adventure and that truly is a marvel and nod to the director's hard work and creativity. My one gripe with the film was that I felt elements of the story were a bit heavy handed, but I think it's Jamin's way of getting across his positive message about the importance of family. Either way, it never distracted from the fresh style of Jamin's filmmaking and the unqiue universe he has crafted. I don't want to spoil any of the plot, so just watch the trailer above and I'm sure you'll be intrigued to seek out the film. "Ink" is playing in limited release right now in only a few select cities, but hopefully it will be distributed as a digital download so all the world can have a chance to see this truly remarkable independent film. Stay up to date with the film on Double Edge films official website, Twitter, and blog.
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moviegoer said...

Amazing film, I agree and loved your comments. I think that this movie is my favorite movies of the year.
What a compelling story, not an ordinary story of right versus wrong, but a unique and distinct story. I love the use of lighting to help tell the story. I was reminded of David Lynch, and Michael Mann and Tim Burton. I cannot believe that Mr Winans wrote, Directed, Scored and did the Post on this and now he is trying to hawk his masterpiece. Why wont the idiots in Hollywood pick this movie up??????
The acting too was amazing, I loved Liev and Emma, their performances win my Academy vote, if I had one. Talk about compelling! Also I must mention John the lead, wow was he good, so believable and so strong, great acting with sometimes only a great facial expression to tell us about his torment. How did Jamin put this cast together? Get this to all the Big screens I want to see it again!

Angela said...

I do not understand this film

Mary Kate said...

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santa said...

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